Friday, February 3, 2012

New Year...A Month Later...

I'm trying to become a morning person. For the past month I have had it easy. Chris has been waking Flannery for school, taking her to school, coming home and when Cannon awoke, he fed and played with Cannon until I woke up around 10 or 11 am. Well, he's working days this week and I have had to rise at 6:30 am and get Flannery off to school on the bus. Usually, when I've had these mornings, I go back to bed until about 9 am until Cannon wakes up. Well, I've decided to instead stay up, clean the house a bit, catch up on TV, news and drink coffee until Cannon wakes up.

This is day 3. So far so good. I feel more alive or something. I move more during the day, get things done and actually feel creative!

January 1st 2012, Trish and I met and were inspired to finally go for it and kick Back Stage Originals into high gear. One month later, we have sold 10 orders (a few LARGE orders) on our Etsy site, have 120 "likes" on our Facebook page and are selling better than ever at A Joy Forever, our favorite scrapbook store in Milwaukie, OR.

I am the marketing girl, mostly, and when I get inspired, I create and design. Trish is the head designer and finances girl. We're actually getting a paycheck this month! So weird to be making money living my dream. I love this!!

Visit us on facebook and shop at our Etsy store!

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