Monday, June 22, 2009

Finally...she's blogging again!

So much has happened.

Abbreviated...Flannery was totally surprised about Disneyland and said it was the best birthday of her life. It was a blast, and Chris and I found our favorite things: His was Spacemountain and mine was Splash Mountain. Flannery loved Buzz Lightyear's Astroblasters because it was a competition to shoot the most targets. Her favorite coaster was Thunder Mountain Railroad.

We got the beach house...the one I prayed about. We now live in Seaside, OR! I am brought to tears often, as I look out on the water and tell God, "thank you." Something clicked for me today...I've been praying that God will make me a better wife and mother and housekeeper...and being at the ocean makes me want everything clean and organized and I haven't watched TV at all. Seriously. I'm just going with it!!!

Kelly and Melissa brought a huge Land Rover load (of our leftover boxes and my scrap room stuff) down on the 18th, which was my 35th birthday...Kristen also came into town and all 4 of us went to lunch (Clam Chowder Bread Bowls) and I had a couple oyster shooters (one from Kristen) - yummy fun. Then we explored and spent some money at the cool candy store with chocolate dipped bacon and old fashioned mint containers.

Kelly and Melissa spent the night and left around 1 pm. When they reached Manning on 26, just east of the Dairy Queen, a driver heading west turned quickly in front of them to enter a business. Melissa slammed on the brakes and clipped his car, sending the Land Rover over a curb, knocking out the milemarker sign and bounced back and forth at 50 MPH into a deep ditch, ending up lying on the passenger side. Many people witnessed it, and some helped them out, crawling out the driver's side door. Melissa's stats were really low and her whole body was shaking. They put her on oxygen and took her away in an ambulance on a backboard with a neck brace.

Kelly talked to the police and hung out with Birthday, their Maltese/Havanese 5 lb. puppy until I could arrive and pick her up. When I saw her, I hugged her way too tightly and bawled for a minute or so. We went off to Providence and found Melissa lying in bed in much muscular pain, awaiting the xray results. Everything checked out okay.

The Land Rover is totalled, and it's his fault, so YAY...that Land Rover payment was killing them. They both agree that this could have been the best thing that has happened to them financially. I would have to agree.

Kelly and Melissa and the kiddos have settled nicely into our house in Vancouver. Melissa is having fun decorating and Kelly is excited about the yard work possibilities.

Well, Chris is off to take Flannery to the rocks in the cove and do some exploring. The sun just went down. It is truly paradise found.

Here's a few of my favorite pics...just for kicks.