Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas Card Shoot

Well, I've been thinking about this year's Christmas Card, and decided to head to Carter's to purchase a pair of Christmas Jammies for Cannon. I fell in love with a pair that read "Santa's Helper" and on the feet were reindeer heads and antlers! Bought them. Boom. I then convinced Flannery to put on her Christmas Jammies from last year, which she no longer wears (they give her a wedgie)...got both kids showered/bathed, Chris built a fire and we posed the chair under the mantle. YES! The perfect shoot for an adorable Christmas card. Last year, we used our Heritage Day picture, but this year's Heritage Day picture was crappy. Thus...

Sunday, November 8, 2009


The eating thing is going so well, I can't believe it. I have decided for 2 weeks, however, to eliminate gluten, to see if my rashes clear up. I itch on my joints and also the backs of my knees, inside of my arms, thighs...anyway, it's dry and itchy and keeps me awake at night. We're not sure if it's still because of the algae bloom in Seaside...it affected the water quality...it STUNK from the tap and we bought bottled water for 3 months. It was also when my hands strted getting really bad.

My hands itch almost constantly and they crack and ache. I usually have many fingers bandaged with neosporin and to do laundry or craft, I wear vinyl gloves. Nothing seems to help relieve it. So...for mom...I will give up gluten for 2 weeks and see if there is any relief anywhere on my body. I have been gluten free for 2 days so far.

I am missing the morning oats and flax seed - Chris says that in the USA, oats are not celiac safe, but in Europe, they are safe. I'm going to research that further. I like my oats! So, I have walnuts and blueberries for breakfast, veggie soups for lunch and dinner...tonight I made chicken breast cooked in diced tomatoes and oregano over brown rice pasta (Chris' gluten free stash). Not too shabby...just a bit chewy.

I've made 2 sales on Etsy (www.griefenthusiast.etsy.com) - It's fun, even if it doesn't rake in the money!

I went and saw This Is It last night. It blew me away. Aside from all the gossip, this man was a genius. He was so talented and he recognized it came from God. His music, his movement, the way he treated his dancers and musicians with grace and humility...he had such a wonderful way about him and to see him in raw form, practicing for the concert of his life, was...breathtakingly beautiful. I want to see it again...I have a whole new respect for his gift.

Today was "stay in jammies and watch football" day...and then, there was a wrestling match...which I of course took pictures of.

And...we've been getting our Christmas on...Boom.

And...Flannery and I have been crafting like CRAZY! Felt, Yarn, Plaster, Diecuts, pictures, mini albums...just one thing after another. Most of our friends and family are getting homemade gifts this year. We can't stop. And, this is one of my favorite books to get crafty with:

And, in the spirit of Elsie Flannigan...here's some eyecandy from Etsy...(not mine, don't get excited!)