Sunday, August 24, 2008

Clean as a Whistle...what does that mean, anyway?

The wicked tooth hole is healing finally! No more pain meds. Vera suggests I eat a ton of watermelon and it will cleanse my liver. Done.

Tim is hanging on and is getting anti-social and thus we speak rarely right now. Beth and I talk every other day and it's been good to talk stuff out together about what the death thing is doing to them.

Chris' mom and husband come into town on Thursday and are staying a night before our departure to the yearly Cannon Beach adventure. I can't wait. I have cleaned my room to suit an Army know, the one who yells and then the guys stand at the ends of their beds and they get a once over and everything? Yeah. That guy. I've been soaking the tub and shower in Tilex with the window open and the bathroom fan on. If that stuff doesn't cause cancer, I don't know what does.

Cannon is adorable and scooting all over the place now, eating food from a jar and laughing out loud, usually at Flannery, or "sissy" as we call her. It's a Trish thing and I stole it cause I love that Trish.

Speaking of Trish, click on BACKSTAGE ORIGINALS on the right side of my page and check out her blog!

Peace, love and goodness, e

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pain, pain, GO AWAY!!!

So my tooth broke in April. My wisdom tooth. I never have had a cavity or any sort of dental work done in my life, so I was scared, but called to get an appt. I was put on a waiting list and would have my tooth pulled in July, unless the pain got worse. It did. I was referred to Vancouver Oral Surgery and last Friday, I had the broken tooth and the one above it (another wisdom tooth) pulled. It was waaaaaay easier than I thought it would be and I would do it again.

Monday, the pain got real bad and the Vicodin didn't touch it, so I came in Tuesday morning and they diagnosed "dry socket," stuffed the hole full of Clove Oil-soaked gauze and I went home. Ahhhhh...relief. Until last night when the pain got worse. I looked at the clock every hour during the night. It was throbbing pain. This morning I touched my cheeck and it ached up to the front of my jaw.

I had Flannery hold my compact mirror for me and I took my tweezers and pulled the long piece of yellow gauze from the hole. (Turn away now if you hate this stuff...) The gauze was black at the end and it was covered in puss. Or is it spelled pus? I don't know. Flannery was freaked out and told me I was gross (nothing new) and I studied it and called the oral surgeon again.

I have an appt today in a few hours and I will be having my hole re-stuffed and hopefully put on antibiotics and another Rx of pain meds. This is bad. Eff you guys that said this was no big deal!!! Agh!

(Sorry for saying eff, mom.)

Kelly, Jon, Melissa, Josiah, Flannery, Camnnon and I went to vsit my mom in Coulee city for the 4th of July week! It was a long trip there, but we had so much fun! We hadn't seen mom or Tom since his October heart attack - not to mention my little (age 14) sissy Alice. We spent every day at the lake while mom kept an eye on Cannon. We swam and ate and laughed and talked and cried and ate some more. I can't believe how much I miss my mom. 5 hour drives suck.

What else....Tim is off oxygen because it irritates him. He's pushing himself a lot lately, just not caring if he feels weak...he's having fun with his family as much as his weak body allows. He even did a 3 legged race with Beth at Heritage Day. Sure he fell part way into it and then struggled to make it to the end, but he had fun doing it. Then he and I ended up in the living room at ma and pa Everett's watching old SNL; he out of breath and physically exhausted, me nursing my sore jaw from the previous day's surgery.

I went to TOM Fest with Kristen, Kelly, Melissa and Beth Fadel. It was good to see the oldies...I don't recognize about 90% of the attendees. I miss being in charge. At least I got some good time with Mikee and Vera. Bryan Everett and I got to sing backups for a Tragedy Ann Reunion; that's Mikee and Joshua Griffith's old band from 10 years ago...I can't believe it's been 10 years.


Cannon Dane is 6 months old today! He likes meat and veggies and fruit and of course formula and rice cereal too. He had meat for the first time on Heritage Day, when Bryan blended my chicken, beans and fried taters into a baby food-type consistency for my sore jaw. Cannon ate and ate it. He loved it! He didn't have any gassiness or pukiness, so I take it that he's ready...I went to Walmart and stocked up his cupboard. He is so much fun. He rolls and pulls himself around in a circle and sits up alright, but not fantasticly! My friend Christi Simonatti's little boy was born February 12th, and he does the same stuff. So, I guess Cannon is fine.

Kim's angel baby Sophie can almost walk and she's just 10 weeks older than Cannon, so I was worried that he was slow. Nope...she's fast. Well, that's cause she's part Japanese. And yes...I'm stereotyping. She's brilliant. We're part Danish and German. We're screwed.

Flannery goes into the 2nd grade in a few short weeks! She loves gymnastics and attends classes 2 hours a week. She wants to be a gymnastics teacher someday, she tells me. I am so proud of her. She also started reading chapter books. She gets impatient when we ask her to read for us, but when we don't ask her, we catch her reading all the time.

Well, that's it for now...I'll be writing more now that Can, Flan and I have a routine going. And once I get my jaw removed, I'll be more apt to blog. ;)

xoxo - e