Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good Grief

I haven't blogged since Tim died. Since that time, I went through a weird depression. So weird, because I knew it was happening, and took control... talked to friends, but didn't feel like hanging out much, upped my depression meds a bit and spent sometime outside.

I'm in the process of creating whatever it is that Good Grief is going to be. I know Laurie and I will be at the next Relay for Life in memory of Tim selling stuff to make money for Cancer Research...and my husband purchased the Accucut Grandemark for me and $1000 worth of dies to begin creating journals to aid in mourners to journal their pain. I just don't know what else...I am sad and want to honor my friend and Beth, his amazing wife with a business that reflects what Tim and honest about his illness. And humorous...the most important ingredient. That's why my grief is GOOD.

Will add more later...I need to make this a habit again.
xoxo -e