Wednesday, March 12, 2008

4 weeks post partum

We never made it to the beach. Flannery woke Monday with a fever and it finally broke today. She’s missed 3 days of school, the same 3 we were counting on her missing if we left, no beach. She’s the last one of us to get this "illness" - whatever it is and was, so at least we can be germ free for a while, hopefully.

Cannon is amazing. He’s so alert and even smiles when I make a big smile face at him or tickle him on the neck. He coos and makes all sorts of sounds when I talk to him. So cute. Have I already said this? Being 33 with a baby is cake compared to being 26. I am loving it.

Chris turned 33 today. We were supposed to hit Newport Bay with his family, but with Flannery still on the mend, we opted out this week.

My tooth broke off the other day. I was watching a movie with Chris at home and my tooth literally fell apart. I wasn’t even eating anything. It’s a wisdom tooth, way in the back that the dentist told me to have removed a few years ago and I was too scared. I’m still scared, but I have no choice now. So, since the moment it fell out, almost 2 weeks ago, (I put off the dentist visit so we could go to the beach...whoops), I’ve had a bad sinus infection on the left side of my face. It’s tooth related. So annoying.

Well, I still have pain on the left side of my woman parts (internal woman parts) from the Tubal Ligation. The uterine stuff from the C-Section hasn’t bugged me since week 2 of recovery. I feel great and would do it again if I was miraculously made pregnant. C-Sections rock.

Thanks everyone for the prayers and the love...peace.