Thursday, April 19, 2007

Purpose & Peace

I am feeling more sure than ever about the direction my life is taking.

I'm starting a part time job alongside my sister at Steakburger, so I have my own cash to invest in my death and dying venture. (I know that sounds weird, but what else do I call it?)

I am working on my journals again and found some heavy cardboard covered 8 x 8 journals for just $1 each. They are gorgeous once I've mod podged them with odds and ends. I am having so much fun with mixed media art right now.

I sought out the die cut diva herself, Trish Hafer, to assist me in choosing some dies that can go along with my ideas...which are a cluttered mess in my head. I am jotting every idea down and loving every minute of creating. I've become a ribbon junkie and buy a few spools anytime I'm near some. I also just made a board book for myself to chart my weight loss and eating habit changes. It's so cute! It doesn't close, so it sits like a fan on my night stand and I jot thoughts in it and note my successes. It was fun to make a board book for myself!

I've halfway completed my "Amy" book, which is a personal reflection of her as my friend, as a crazed sick woman and in heaven. It's been a sweet release.

Life is good. I am happy. I am feeling at peace with my decisions. I know the Lord has brought me here and I won't turn away. (The peace is too damn good!)

Peace to you...