Sunday, November 21, 2010

Craftasmic Longings of a Sick Girl

Well, I had the flu for about 4 days and while I'm fabulous at being sedentary, my creative crafty mind is in overdrive and I feel like a runner waiting for the gunshot! I might get out some crocheting - something I can do in the midst of a toddler - and I have a few lists to make (my favorite pastime)for our Disneyland trip...just 5 days away!

I love having football on (Cowboys won!) and sipping coffee while the smells of fresh baked bread and vanilla cake saturate the air. Flannery had been great the last couple days, helping me with Cannon...and Cannon took a nice long nap today, giving me time for a shower. YAY! But I am craving a day in my basement hideout, surrounded by paper scraps and die cuts, chipboard and binding strips. UGH!!! I wanna play!

Tomorrow, my husband will be home from work and I will have an afternoon of uninterrupted crafty bliss...for now, I will rest and be grateful for, well, everything.

By the's some stuff I wanna make...