Friday, November 19, 2010

Cancer and Laurie the Busy Bee

When Laurie was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2005, I was a mess. She was a wreck. She began chemotherapy - I took her to all but one of her sessions - and she was restless between them.

See, Laurie doesn't lie around on a regular basis. She rarely naps. She's up, showered, made up and dressed complete with jewelry every morning. She accomplishes as much as possible every day. The chemo made her lethargic and she tried to fight it. She didn't want to sleep all day even though her body begged her for it. She wanted to check things off her to-do list, play with her kids and run errands. It wasn't the cancer that depressed her - it was knowing she had to stop and rest for the next 6 months.

Here I am, at home with the flu, caring for my son, who has the flu and just tucked in my husband, who also has...the flu. I am content just reclining. Watching TV. Snuggling in a blanket with little Cannon. Sipping hot tea and revamping my cyber-farm on FarmVille. I can just be. Sometimes I wonder why I wasn't the one to have gotten cancer. I'm a way better patient.

By the way...Happy FIVE year remission Laurie Belle!!! xoxo