Saturday, May 9, 2009

Butterflies at the Cove

Chris and I took a drive to Seaside today and decided against the house I shared a couple blogs back with all the pictures...the owner wants a management group to come and "check in" every month, taking an inventory of sorts of the house. Well, you know how much I hate being checked in on, so that house is out.

Then, we looked at a house that wasn't anything special, except for a windproof and childproof deck with an amazing oceanfront view and a path to the ocean through a well manicured lawn...the bedrooms (3 of them) were dark an none had a view, and it was a little out dated, in a bad way.

Next, was a 1930 house, again, oceanfront, 2 stories, 4 bedroom, nooks and crannies and a rock fireplace, built-ins, a pretty yellow kitchen and lots of storage. Totally cute. But...negatives: Next door to a hotel... and the landlady wants to rent on a month to month, and since we'd have to move all of our furniture down for that one, that feels very unstable for Chris and I...and there's no dishwasher. Boom.

Then, on a whim, we were going to drive past another possibility, but the owner couldn't show it to us until Sunday, she said via email...Chris decided just to knock on the door (another family rents it and is moving out in a few weeks) and ask to see the view. (That's his biggest requirement.) When he went on, I prayed aloud, "God, please just make it clear. We don't even know if this is the time or if You desire this for us, so please make it clear for us."

A few moments later, Chris waved me inside. I saw the view and looked at Chris and he gave me a look I'd only seen one other time. It was the look of "yep. This is the one!"

The woman was so nice and wanted to show us the whole house...her 4 year old son led us through with her and described everything, down to a "blanket basket" that they have in their front room. "You should get a blanket basket too," he said matter-of-fact. We told him that was the best idea ever and we were going to go right out and buy one. He thought that was pretty cool of us!

This house cannot really be described...but I'll try. It's a 50s fact, the kitchen style reminds me of my grandparent's home (Bauers) in Felida...Large Master bedroom, large room for Flannery, good sized living room with huge window, undraped to reveal the Cove at Seaside in all it's glory. The floors are hardwood, but they didn't creak at all. It feels new, like a Danish modern feel.

Head downstairs (same narrow wooden stairs that my grandparents had in their house) and there's a long wide hallway (which they used for the kids to ride their trikes and play catch in during the rainy season) with a full bathroom and another large bedroom (CRAFT ROOM!) off a kitchenette (fridge and everything)- and the basement has it's own entrance with a different key. So cool.

The back yard is probably a 1/2 acre, with a drop off...well, a steep wall of brush and rocks, more like a slide with sticker bushes, to the ocean. Don't worry...Cannon won't go toddling down into the ocean like some horror story. I don't smoke crack and then pass out on the couch, so he should be alright.

I guess I'll stop rambling...but we called the owners and offered to put money down for them to take it off the market (they were going to begin public advertising tomorrow)and Sunday, Chris is going back to sign an application.

Say a prayer...I prayed that if God wants us to be able to live there it would be clear and obvious. So far, on our side, it has been both. I'm versed in change and disappointment, so I'll be alright if it doesn't work out. That just means God has something better for us.

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