Saturday, May 9, 2009


Flannery felt a little sick with a cough and sore throat Friday, but no fever, so she went to school. She HAD to go, because Chris and I were going to Seaside, and he and I hadn't had an official run down of the DL stuff that wasn't either interrupted or whispered, so our trip there and back was FILLED with talking! Anyway...last night, she had a fever of 102. 4 chewable aspirin later, her fever broke and she slept all night only with a little coughing.

This morning, she seemed good, but her voice told me that her throat was swollen a bit. No fever...until about 1 pm, when she asked if she could go take a nap (NEVER DOES THAT!!!) and I fell her head and she was hot again. Chris and I had to cancel her mini golf party this afternoon, calling 15 or so people, because a fever isn't good.

I took her to urgency care at Kaiser and she is negative for strep. But, she feels like poo.

Pray that she recovers soon...we're going to DISNEYLAND!!! Shhhhhh...don't tell her!

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