Friday, May 8, 2009

tick tick tick tick

I have 98% of our stuff packed for the trip. Just have to add jeans, sweats, makeup and the phone chargers last minute...I have butterflies again just pondering it. It's the surprise. Seriously. It's not the actual trip. It's so weird.

Chris and I are heading to the beach today to check out a few houses and one even has 3 bedrooms! God knows what I desire and that is a craft room. Boom.

Pray for Flannery. She started getting a little sore throat last night and all night I heard her coughing. Not hacking, but the annoying little dry cough...I have been praying for her since last night, and she and I prayed together this morning. I told her that we need to pray because she needs to be well for her two birthday parties this weekend! (If she only knew...) Pray for Cannon also, that he won't catch anything in the next few days. We want Melissa to have a stress free time taking care of him.

Thanks everyone!

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