Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Surgery Update!

Well, I had my surgical biopsy today. What we thought would be a twilight surgery turned into general anesthisia. Breathing tube (which when removed, I was unable to breathe. I remmeber that. I remember then putting on a squishy oxygen mask and them asking me to take deep breaths. They also gave me a breathing treatment. See, over the past 4 or so months, my allergies have been out of control. Claritin stopped working. My eyes itch a lot, I sneeze repeatedly every day, all day and my asthma, which rarely is an issue, has become a huge issue. Before I went into surgery, I requested a breathing treatment fronm my nurse, Angel. Love that her name was Angel.

So, when I finally opened my eyes and was able to make coherent sentences, I realized that I felt wetnes on my lap. The blanket was wet. Laurie was there and started to laugh. "Did you pee?" she asked. I lifted the wet part of my gown and smelled it..."It doesn't smell like pee." I said. Well, we called the nurse over and she said that under general anesthesia, it is common for everything to completely relax, and well, sure enough, I peed myself.

Peeing myself is a common thing in my life. I pee often from excessive laughter. Always from Kristen Burns, almost always when I'm with Kim Griffith and now and again, from Kim Rickard. I gave birth in 2001 and since then, well, I pee some. I am always prepared, however. I wear a pad whenever I am going out with my laughy friends. I'm prepared. And, today, I wore one too...not sure why, but things would have been a lot more soaked had I not worn one. The clean up went like this. (Turn away now if you can't take the details.)


I stood up, Laurie took a picture of the pee stained sheets and began laughing until she was crying. I pulled off my underwear, and couldn't find the pad. The pad slapped the floor. Yes. Slapped. Soaked. I picked it up from the edge and tossed it toward the trash, while Laurie laughed and cried some more. It missed the trash, and she began to laugh even harder. She grabbed a glove, picked it up and hurled it into the garbage. My underwear were sopping. Keep in mind I had nothing to drink since midnight and this was all IV fluids. Clear, non-smelling, but funny, nonetheless. I put them into a ziplock bag provided by the nurse and dressed, pantiless.

From the hospital, we went to Winco, so I could get some food for the next couple days, and a california roll platter...oh, and some gummi bears. What? I just has surgery!

Now for the facts. The surgeon told Laurie that the cells are small, so if it is cancerous, it's a low grade lymphoma, something that someone wouldn't even realize they had for up to 20 years sometimes. It still may require treatment, however, just not agressive treatment. These are initial findings...it may be Hodgkin's, it may be Lymphoma of another kind, but for now, this is what we know. I'll find out the results on Monday and of course will update!