Monday, June 6, 2011

Cleaning and Not Cleaning...

People are coming to look at the house today. It's clean, but not amazing or anything. Chris tells me that everything looks FINE and not to clean because we have enough going on right now. Oh man, I love my husband.

On the topic of cleaning, I have to clean the bathtub. The bathtub/shower is my LEAST favorite thing to clean. In fact, I probably don't clean it often enough. Wait. I KNOW I don't clean it often enough. I usually spray Tilex on the entire thing, open the windows and turn on the fan for about 2 hours or so...then rinse and it is spotless. Love that. But, I have to get out the Magic Erasers this time. Whoops. Good thing we never used the basement shower - (the steam would have ruined my scrapbooking paper; the ocean humidity alone made some things a little logged.)

Laundry, I love. I love sorting, pouring the detergent, choosing the right cycle...and that's about it. My laundry likes to rest a few days after coming out of the dryer. I let it rest on the couch in the front room. *New house resolution: Fold, hang, deliver to bedrooms.

Dishes, I love. I love loading the dishwasher the best because I will organize according to size and color...sometimes, if multi colored cereal bowls litter the sink, I'll put them on the top rack in a pattern: black, teal, blue, black, teal, blue. I'm an artist! Flannery is my unloader, if Chris hasn't gotten to it first.

I hate hardwood floors. Dirt can hide in carpet...not on a hardwood. Dust bunnies develop overnight. In the corners. Around legs of chairs. In my nightmares. I hate dust bunnies. And they're not really bunnies, are they? No - they are vermicious kenids. Horrible things.

Well, off to cuddle my sick 5 of cough, runny nose and fussiness. Most likely something he caught at the conference center...oh...must post about our Memorial Day weekend soon! xo - e