Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crafty Like a Fox

My husband blessed me with a sewing machine for Christmas. I recall asking him for it and he dicscussed it with me, and it seemed that he decided that I wouldn't use it very often, so what's the point? Well, I am loving my sewing machine...and I almost have everything memorized - how to thread the needle (what is the point of wrapping it under and over 12 different doo-hickeys???)winding the bobbins, different stiches, etc...I just love it so much.

I still love the Accucut Grandemark my husband gave me for Christmas 2008 - I use it all the time, even cutting out shapes in fabric and felt...I made Christmas Tree ornaments, bird ornaments, etc., in felt. I created my December Daily album in chipboard using it. It's my favorite tool ever!!!

I also picked up croching again. I can't do alot...I only learned 2 different stiches and have been learning a little more here and there online as of late. I've made several scarves and hats, mostly for gifts, but am working on some to sell at Relay for Life this year.

Scrapbooking has become an afterthought, unfortunately, but this weekend I plan to get a little done...and catch up a little on Cannon's album. I have the day he was born done and that's about it!

This weekend is the Creating Keepsakes Convention and I am stoked. I love to go every year with Trish and Becky, get inspired and SHOP!!! I even bring my Cropper Hopper 15 x 15 tote, empty with only my wallet. That thing can hold a lot. I can't wait for the Dollar Scrapbooking booth. I like to get a lot of discontinued pretties and use them on gift albums and cards. Chances are, if it's a couple years old, I've already used it on a layout!

Well, happy crafting...may this day find you well.

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