Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Long Walk

Chris stayed home with Cannon while Flannery was at school yesterday and I went for a 3 mile walk along the ocean. I usually stay on the promenade or in town, but I hadn't been on the sand at all since we moved here, and I felt drawn to it.

I walked, talked to God, cried some, sang and walked fast at times until I was breathing hard and getting my heart pumping good. I stomped in the water and splashed like a child. I thanked God for my husband...probably 10 or more times. He was just on my mind and heart. He is such a good man. He takes care of me and encourages me to be healthy and strong and silly. I needed a break from home and this was so nice to just walk...alone.

I, of course, took my camera...

2 seagulls were barking at eachother and stealing this from one another. I thought originally it was a crab shell...nope. It was a cup in crabshell colors. So funny the things we fight about that don't matter at all.

The clouds began to part as I walked along the ocean.

Thousands of fish were dead and scattered in a line, having been dumped there the day before by the high tide.

I spoke to a local who was walking her dog and she had heard 2 stories. One, that a fisherman lost his net...and the other was that it was the end of their life span. I would think the earlier of the ideas was true. SO many fish.

I wore my "flip flops" so I could walk in the waves.

Glad I had my shoes 8" Jelly Fish came into view.

Then...a 3" mini-jelly...

I love the birds as they do their own "clam digging." They get so many clams. I always see empty razor clam shells...razor clams are my favorite!!!

Look! It's our house!

As I walked north, I saw a large object...prople were gathering to see what it could be.

Well, it was a HUGE old pipe! It was as high as my chest, and didn't budge when I pushed on it. Pretty though...

That green is almost "Hillary" by Bazzill...(scrappers know what I'm talking about.)

It must have been a sprayer of some sort...Might have to look it up online or something.

Here's the only whole-ish sanddollar I found. Dang Oregon coast.

On my way back, I found a nice place to sit and let my pant cuffs dry out a little. Everywhere I look, it's an amazing view.

I have no complaints about my life. I love it!

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