Monday, August 3, 2009

My Brother, Jon Boy

My little brother Jonathan,(who is taller than both Kelly and I), drove out yesterday to spend an evening and night with us! Chris watched the kids so Jon and I could hit the town.

We visited The Buzz for chocolate covered Twinkies, The Coffee Shop for White Rockets (a hot drink made with white bean espresso, white chocolate and chai with 4x the caffeine) the Chinese place for some gooooooooood Chinese food...we played $25 worth of Fascination and we both won a blackout round once!

Then we played Skee-Ball and some other games that are pure chance and won over 2000 points/tickets that we ended up spending on crap for Flannery (stickers, candy) and some stuff for us (frosted shot glasses, a card game & some candy bars). It was really fun.

On the way back, around 11:30pm, we stopped at the cove and got out of the car, sat on the rocks and watched the tide come in. The waves were huge! It was beautiful and peaceful. Jon is loving the cooler temperatures here and doesn't want to go back to the heat in Vancouver!

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