Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's the FRILLS that count...

If you come to Seaside, OR, you HAVE to visit Frills!
It's the cleanest, cutest storefront, serving gorgeous cupcakes and delicious nonfat yogurt. I had the coconut and passionfruit swirled and it was DELIGHTFUL. The yogurt is made fresh daily on site and it comes from a local dairy. It's all natural and contains live and active cultures... 5 oz. = 130 calories and 0 grams of fat!

I'm not being paid. I just LOVE Frills!

Trish and the girls came to town and so we required them to do a few poses (okay, about 30+ poses) with the cupcakes. The girls were crazy about them.

We did a little shopping...okay...a LOT of shopping yesterday and found the girls sunglasses. Well, Jessie found the red ones and we thought they were cute...a little later in a different shop, Flannery found some pink ones. Jenny got to thinking. She ws going to need some as well to complete a possible photo shoot. Boom. Black.

We played a lot of Fascination (as is customary for my guests) and had a late dinner at The Seaside Cafe, where we took even more pictures. ;)

I had such a great day with my friend and the girlies...Now off to Vancouver to say goodbye to Uncle John.

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