Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July...thus far

If I just do this every morning...or once a week, have a designated day, it wouldn't seem so bothersome to log on and blog. (Just a note to self.)
Chris, the kids and I spend the 4th at our house, sitting outside, watching the ginormous fireworks show that takes place near the turnaround in Seaside. We made a fire, roasted hotdogs and then made smores, and tuned into the radio station that was announcing the event and playing the music. It was fun!

I FINALLY went on my birthday camping trip with some BFFs. One month after my birthday, we went to Nehalem Bay State Park...the BEST camping spot, just over the dunes from the ocean, no bugs, not too hot...perfect. Also, the bathrooms and hot showers are always a plus as well.

The next day was the Relay for Life, Cancer walk and fundraiser. Laurie and I had a booth there we called "Good Grief." Our team raised $1200, which isn't bad for the drop in numbers of those who attended this year. Next year, we're hoping for a spot along the track, where our number would most likely double.

At night, we take white sacks, add sand and a candle, and light it, creating a path around the track, each bag decorated with someone's name who lost their fight to cancer, has cancer, or is a survivor. We had quite a few this year, not to mention, my dear friend Tim Fadel who passed last September.

Tim's picture was included in a powerpoint video set to (really sad) music of those who have passed. I got an email a couple months ago - the email was sent out to those involved in relay - asking for names and pictures of loved ones who have passed. I sent in Tim's picture...and then forgot about it until the speaker announced she had sent out emails...so I got up and got a closer seat to the presentation. It was neat.
Well, Cannon plays a lot of basketball in the hallway, where Chris hooked up a hoop just his size. He loves it. Flannery has been enjoying the library and the community pool, where Chris bought us a family membership. She and Chris often go to the rocks where the ocean splashes below our house. They come back soaking wet most days. It's a lot of fun here. I never get bored and I love the peace and quiet.

I love my life...OH! And it's even getting better! Now that Relay is over, I can get my scrap haven completed! Yee Haw!

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