Saturday, May 2, 2009


We want to move to the beach, right now. Renting a place down there, at least 2 bedrooms, ocean front, and rent our house out here. I am so wanting this. I realize that when I suggested a move in 2005 to Government Camp, it was a huge mistake for me mentally. To be literally snowed in for 2 months was almost the end of me. I had a breakdown and Flannery and Chris suffered because of it.

This is different. It's the Oregon Coast, only an hour and 20 minutes (ish) away from Portland and though snow and ice in the passes is possible, it doesn't normally happen as was the case on Mt. Hood. I love the beach so much. I don't have allergies there. I can get a deeper breath of air. It's cooler there (about 98% of the time). And I can see the ocean from my window, walk the's one of the things that truly makes me happy. I love to watch the waves - the vastness of it all and talk to God. I "find" Him there.

Chris is calm at the ocean. He isn't affected with his gluten allergy there. There is no stress, just calm and the sound of the waves and the gulls all day long.

Flannery has been begging us for the past year to move there. We explained that it will be a new school, new teachers, kids...she doesn't care. She wants to live near the water.

I am praying this can happen for us. We no longer own the beach houses in Moclips, and this would be such a sweet escape.

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