Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The secret of all secrets is being withheld from my daughter. She turns 8 next Tuesday, and for the biggest surprise of her life, we're taking her to Disneyland!

I am freaking out. Seriously...when I do something that takes this much planning, and when I am this excited about something, I always tell Flannery. She is my littler self...loves to create, make fun plans and make everyday life so enjoyable. She is the one I am dying to talk to about it!

My dear friend Melissa will be keeping Cannon, which is great because they are real close...he stays with her twice a week during baseball games, and has spent several nights in a row: when my stepfather had a heartattack and my sister and I traveled to Spokane; once when Mikee was in town and I wanted to stay up real late, and the last stay was when my sister and I drove to Coulee City and the car broke down. He's totally comfortable with Melissa, needless to say! So, he's in great hands for the week, though I'm going to miss my boy!

Flannery gets a free admission on her birthday, and we made an appointment at the "Bippity Boppity Boutique" for that morning, to get her all glamed-up, complete with a manicure and sparkles! I promise I am more excited than she'll ever be.

So...I'll be gone for a week and cannot wait to see her face when we spill the beans. Okay...that's the best on, if you're not bored to tears already.

Monday, we're picking her up from school 30 minutes after class starts, telling her that Grandpa Jeff (my dad) wants to take us all out for lunch to celebrate her birthday a day a surprise from Grandpa Jeff! So, we drive to his house, get in his car, (our luggage will already be in his trunk), and head out. She'll see the airport, and say, "Are we going to the airport?" My response, "I know you like to watch the planes and there's great food here."

When we pull up to the unloading curb, I'm going to hand her a card. This card had Cinderella on the front and it reads, "Happy Birthday!" When she opens it, it makes a "ta-da!" sound with chimes, and her voice says "May all your dreams come true!" I've written, "Flannery, you're going to spend your 8th Birthday in DISNEYLAND!"

Seriously, I have chills as I type. I get chills everytime I tell someone. I can't stand it. The last and only time I went was in 1982. I was also 8. Funny, I contracted chickenpox while we were there, and mom made me wear these big honkin' sunglasses on the plane home to hide some of the pox. Maybe they weren't that was just the 80s.

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