Saturday, October 13, 2007

Firsts and Lasts

I painted my nails a pretty black today. They are growing so fast with the pregnancy and prenatal vitamins that black looks really good. Being October, Halloween approaching and all, Flannery thinks they're really cool. I'm doing hers next week.

We found out the sex...a boy! And have a name sorta picked out. Dane Cannon. Nothing set in stone, but we like the name Dane, and wanted to incorporate our yearly tradition, the Collins trip to Cannon Beach Conference Center into the name somehow. First, we thought of the name Archie, one of the founders...but we couldn't seem to fall in love with that one. But we both liked Cannon. Not enough for a first name, but it had to be in there.

My old friend Tim Fadel, who has been fighting cancer for a few years now, has been given a year to live and I am blessed to be a part of it. Well, Chris and I are taking his family to our beach house for a weekend. I'm also going to watch and photograph he and his wife, Beth, jump from a plane in a couple weeks in Mollala, OR @ Skydive Oregon. His brother Todd is also going to jump, as is our good friend, Abe. So weird to be a part of firsts and lasts in someones life. He's always wanted to do certain things and now there is no better time to just go for it all. It's really amazing.

Here's a recent picture of my friend, Tim. He's usually really smiley and jokey. Picture that.

Well...I'm feeling tired and overwhelmed tonight, but thought I'd get a blog in, since it's been a while.

xoxo - e

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