Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eleven Things in Twenty Eleven

These are Eleven things I am committed to doing in 2011
1. New product monthly in my Etsy shop
2. Always carry a book and my crochet hook
3. Go Dancing
4. Lose 62 pounds
5. Ventura!!!
6. Transfer all pics on my hard drive to disc
7. Read for an afternoon in my backyard
8. Visit my mom and sisters for 2+ weeks in the summer with the kids
9. All my printed pictures sorted/organized/filed or in 3-Up Albums
10. Set aside a full day monthly, for crafting alone or with a friend
11. Write 10 songs with Bryan

Extra possibilities:
Bellevue CK with Trish
Camp at Nehalem Bay with Kelly
Reno with Joshua and Kim for a weekend
Road Trip with Kristen - hit some diners and antique stores