Thursday, October 28, 2010

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...

The Bible. I love it. My favorite book, since I was in my teens, is Genesis. It's message is that God is in control. God's word is my guide. My guide to life. And it makes me happy.

Sushi. My favorite sushi ever? Ichiban's in Reno. Spectacular.

Marshmallows are a perfect sweet for me. Soft, gentle, puffy and wonderful. not a fan of the toasted marshmallow, resulting in a smore...but I still make them when camping with my sister, cause it's a fun tradition.

Coffee. A no-brainer.

I love to sing. It's fun. It's never perfect, but it's me. My dad taught me to harmonize as a kid and we sang for the first time together in front of church when I was 9. I still have the picture of us together at Sandy Baptist Church in Utah. I was wearing a red velvet jacket. It was near Christmastime.

Cemeteries. Death and dying. Grief. It's my passion. I don't get it, really, but God does.

Disneyland. It's a giant production. It reminds me (on a much larger scale, obviously) off all the work that went into making Tom Festival...from the vendors, the advertising and the little "touches" that thrill people. Nothing more fun to me than putting on a huge production, and Disney does it beautifully. I get so inspired creatively when I'm there. I take pictures of the nooks and crannies and details of rides and characters. It's fascinating. All of it.

Worship...specifically music worship. I love singing to God and losing myself in the heaviness of His Spirit. Not many worship leaders can bring that to pass - I find myself craving it.

Autumn. No better season for me. Leaves changing color to the palette I most relate to...they die and limbs become bare and vulnerable to the wind and cold...The crisp weather appears and I get out my collection of scarves and knit hats. It's lovely and despairing and perfect.