Sunday, October 17, 2010


I am so freaking inspired to create lately. I'm in Vancouver this weekend, and all I can think about is the list of projects I have to complete when I get back home! Thought I'd list them. I need to make a list, and well, I haven't been too consistent on blogging this week, so here we go:

1. Camera Strap. Making this for Trish. She already knows about it. I found a tutorial on it and bought the fabric about 6 months ago with plans to make it for her birthday, but got's a pic of what it will look like, minus her cool fabric.

2. 8 x 8 gift album for my grandparents (mom's parents). I like to make them something with pics from the last year since I don't see them very often. They love it.

3. Virgin Mary costume for Flannery...In Awana this week, they have to dress as a Bible "superhero" and she chose Mary. She's seen The Nativity Story so many times and loves that Mary trusted and obeyed God. Chris and I went to the Salvation Army yesterday for their 50% off sale and I found a dress to alter, a long sleeved blue shirt for underneath and 2 light blue pillowcases that I'm going to cut, sew and make into a shawl and head scarf.

4. Pillows. Well, I have to stuff them and sew them shut. Flannery is a pillow maker. She finds discounted remnants at Joann's that remind her of people, cute it, sews it inside out and then has me finish them for gifts. She's so thoughtful.

5. I FINISHED my two 6 x 6 albums - one for my mom and one for Sue (mom's BFF from childhood) - and yes, they read this, but that's okay. It will still be fun for them! Includes pics like this one:

6. Last but not least...Mom's Calendar!!! I make her one every year and this years is completely laid out minus December. I'm planning on using pics from our Holiday vacation to Disneyland for that month. Here is a sneak peek from the Disneyland website:

We leave in a couple hours and I may just get started when we get home!