Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Autumn Thoughts

We returned home Sunday night from a 3 day trip to Moses Lake & Coulee City to see my sister, Melissa and my mommy. On the way, we were blessed to stay with our dear friends, Bryan and Kissa Everett in their cabin in Packwood, WA. This is one of my favorite shots from our visit, taken by Flannery.

The leaves are beginning to change on the maple and birch trees scattered within the Douglass fir and pine. I love this time of year.

Today was the first day where I was chilled as I got the kids into the car at 7:40am. I had to put on a jacket. I love that! The sun is so bright I have to squint all the way to the elementary school and the heat is cranked in the car.

Sunday, as we approached home, We took a stop and a mini hike at Multnomah Falls to stretch our legs and let Cannon run around a bit. He found a huge leaf and carried it around. Maybe it's his brown eyes, but Cannon + Autumn leaves = bliss.