Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yak Yak Yak

I have zero patience today. I snapped at Cannon, told Flannery to go back to bed and my grandma keeps hovering over me as I sit in my dad's house, trying to watch football and she continues to talk. She has never been able to sense when someone needs quiet or space...just something she never learned. Like when the home inspector came to inspect her home before the appraisal in 1999 and she followed him around, telling him all about the house and when she and grandpa got carpeting and when they put the deck in and why...oh my goodness.

I'm not ignorant...I realize I'm going to miss her terribly when she dies. She's had about 5 near death moments, and it was tough. She just happens the be one of those people I avoid when I'm feeling private and want to be alone...cause she doesn't get it.

I love my grandma.