Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have this thing that I'm not sure anyone else has. I think about my childhood every day. Not with regret, or longing, per-say but I think about things that shaped me as a, thus begins some blogs on this.

6th Grade
I attended Kingsway Christian School in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade. In 4th, I was in Utah at a private school, but came back to KW in 5th. I loved it. I was confident, smart, teacher's favorite, all that garbage - and I had many friends.
5th Grade at Kingsway...

My mom could no longer afford Kingsway and in 6th grade, I transferred to Felida Elementary. Many more kids, (We had 10 in my 5th grade class), and two 6th grade classes. The first day of school. I was in a reading group. We sat in a circle and took turns reading. I heard snickering, and a note was passed to me from Christy Haring (names NOT changed to protect the guilty) that read, "You have a burger in your nose." Well, I knew the girl meant "booger," but apparently private school had taught English better than the public school system had.

I pinched at my nose, and as I did, she threw her head back and laughed along with someone else...though I cannot place who that was. Christy's face has stuck in my mind like glue. I realized, I had no booger at all, and thus began my fear of friendship, of belonging and of people altogether.

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