Monday, September 28, 2009

The Perfect Starting Point

Flannery ran around my dad's house, a couple weeks ago, snapping pics with my camera, and this was one of them. I was so glad she took this picture. It was September 11th, the day after my doctor's appointment regarding my bloodwork. It was my first day of vitamins, fish oil, low sugar and a focus on healthy fats and exercise. I remember that I didn't have cake, even though it was beth's birthday party. I chose not to.

I'm holding my little nephew Phoenix, my sister Beth is in the background, and I do not look healthy. I am saving this picture as a reminder of who I no longer want to be.

...and that double (or is it triple?) chin!

3 rolls...Oh breasts just look like another roll.

I had my plain hot oatmeal this morning with fresh raspberries. I enjoy being healthy. And it's not about my focus is on the good things I put in my body and the energy I expell. I feel so alive...finally. I finally feel there might be a future for me.

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