Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cannon Beach Conference Center 2009

Our annual Cannon Beach trip with the Collins' family went off without a hitch - minus a handful of sermons that ripped out my heart. Matt Hannan, the pastor of Vancouver's New Heights Church, taught on ANGER. Talk about a tough teaching. I was a wreck almost the entire time. I had to work through a bunch of stuff and it made me feel miserable. The worship time was enriching and wonderful. Rescue, the accapella group, performed and though I am not a true fan of that style of music, the lyrics were powerful. I have to say that the music and teaching time trumps any other time I've experienced at CBCC in the past.

Our newest edition is Elsie Ammiel Goodenough, a 4 week old precious little girlie that we all had to joy of holding and cuddling. Cannon made progress in the nursery...cried when he arrived but quit quickly after we left. Yay!

One of Matt's phrases was "LET IT GO." He joked that we should get tattooed with that phrase...so as he talked, I drew it on my arm with wings.

Next year, we're switching our CBCC stay to Memorial Day weekend so Jenny and Leon can attend X-Fest, a festival at the old TOM Fest grounds in Stevenson, WA. X-Fest takes place every Labor Day weekend and Leon wants a chance to minister there the entire time. I am so happy for them, and all of us had no problem in switching dates for our annual family trip!

Here's some pics from the weekend...out group gets larger every year!

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