Monday, August 24, 2009

My New Goal

My new goal: Look thinner than I do right now.

I went to TOM Fest Saturday and played with Kristen as The Shoot Girls, our longtime comedy/music duo...I wore something comfy, not "punk rock" or "in" because last year I wore something a little more "in" and I was uncomfortable the whole time.

After getting the pictures back, I decided that it may have been better to be uncomfortable and not look so "Thirtysomething Walmart Mom." But, I didn't, so boom. My new goal is to look better at TOM next year than I did this year. That's all. No expectations, no weight number, no food plan. Just look better.

I had the best time visiting with old friends, some I only see at TOM, a family reunion, of sorts. I love it more and more every year, though I recognize less and less people.

The Shoot Girls are playing next year though, that's for sure, and we're starting to write music. Joshua has a song idea as well, which could be a #1.

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