Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Goodbye John

Sunday, the Sharp family and friends gathered at The McMenamins Edgefield Ballroom for food and conversation. Sarah had mixed CDs of their favorite music playing and it seemed more like a reunion than a memorial.

Sarah set out items that John loved...Shakespeare and theater, Medieval Weapons and wear, Karaoke, Paris...it was great to look through his loves. I created 2 photo boards for the wake, as well as pictures set to music, which we had playing on a loop during the gathering. I made copies for his siblings, Jim, Sue and Janet, as well as him mom, Carolyn, Sarah, and his best friend, Robert.

Jeffy and Beth's son, Phoenix.
Beth, Phoenix and Jason Sharp, Jim's son.
Cousin Kimmy!!!
Katie, sharing her song.
Sarah (center) with her mom (right) and best friend. Sarah wore her wedding dress. She looked stunning. "I'm so blessed to have had 14 months with him. I am grateful to have been loved so well."

It was good to see my cousins, especially Jason Sharp (Jim's son) and Kimmy (Diane's daughter) who I don't see near enough. I hugged Jason and told him, "We've got to stop meeting like this." The deaths and tragedy in this family...so sad. Jason's brother, Jeff, killed himself in 1999. Sue's son, Eric, killed himself in 1998. Diane died suddenly from a massive heart attack in 2001. John suffered a heart attack in 2003...Jim in 2005 (and had a triple bypass). Carolyn had a heart attack too in there somewhere, not as severe, however.

Diane and John were my favorites, and now they're gone. I don't know how people get through this without Jesus.

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