Friday, July 31, 2009

Good Grief Part Deux

We found out that John's heart attack occured 2 days prior...he had told Sarah he didn't feel right, but didn't mention much more about it. He was in Vancouver, lying on his mom's couch with a cold rag on his head, and then got up to use the bathroom and fell down and said, "call 911!"

Janet lost her sister and best friend, Diane, in 2001 to a heart attack, and since then, John had one and so did her mom in 2002, Jim had a massive heart attack in 2005which ended in a triple bypass. John recently married Sarah, the love of his life, who showed him Jesus...the person he never wanted anything to do with.

His kids are Chris and Katie, they both have families now; Katie has 2 sons and Chris and his wife had a baby girl a few months ago. John was a proud grandpa. He never really cared for kids too much until those kids came along.

He was the jokster of the family, joking just hours before Diane passed away, that if one of her legs was to be amputated (she had lack of blood flow) "would they need to get her a riding lawnmower?"

He and I hung out a lot when I was just out of high school...we'd sit and smoke for hours at Carrows, indulging in hot chocolate and the free refills they'd offer. I keep being reminded of great things we talked about, jokes we shared, and the laugh he had. It was so 'sneaky' sounding. And it was loud. His head would tip back and his mouth would fly open. I loved his laugh.

I am heartbroken...the family is in shock. And thus begins the good grief process.

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