Sunday, August 24, 2008

Clean as a Whistle...what does that mean, anyway?

The wicked tooth hole is healing finally! No more pain meds. Vera suggests I eat a ton of watermelon and it will cleanse my liver. Done.

Tim is hanging on and is getting anti-social and thus we speak rarely right now. Beth and I talk every other day and it's been good to talk stuff out together about what the death thing is doing to them.

Chris' mom and husband come into town on Thursday and are staying a night before our departure to the yearly Cannon Beach adventure. I can't wait. I have cleaned my room to suit an Army know, the one who yells and then the guys stand at the ends of their beds and they get a once over and everything? Yeah. That guy. I've been soaking the tub and shower in Tilex with the window open and the bathroom fan on. If that stuff doesn't cause cancer, I don't know what does.

Cannon is adorable and scooting all over the place now, eating food from a jar and laughing out loud, usually at Flannery, or "sissy" as we call her. It's a Trish thing and I stole it cause I love that Trish.

Speaking of Trish, click on BACKSTAGE ORIGINALS on the right side of my page and check out her blog!

Peace, love and goodness, e

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