Friday, December 21, 2007

Santa Baby

In an attempts to keep the Santa Claus dream alive for my daughter this year, I have purchased a roll of shiny gold wrapping paper, green shiny bows and green and gold foil tags that resemble nothing that I currently have in my gift wrapping station. So, the 5 gifts and the stocking gifts that appear on Christmas morning will be wrapped in gold and will obviously be from Santa. Like it or what?

Then, as I did last year, when she leaves a note for Santa with the cookies and carrots, (for the reindeer of course), the return letter has to be in Santa's writing. I write it on special paper that's decorated with swirls and glitter, and my (his) handwriting is curly...when she got his letter last year, she said, "I KNOW it's from Santa because of the fancy writing!"

With her cousins and school kids talking about him not being real, I just want to stretch it out a bit longer. When she questions it, I say, "Well, you believe in Santa. It's too bad some kids don't." And that satisfies her for now.

I like the magic of it all. It takes me back to when I was a little kid and truly believed. Of course my parents, (my dad being a Baptist preacher my whole childhood), mostly focused on Jesus and that because of Him, we celebrate Christmas -and we do that also, so don't get up on me for being a Santa freak.

I just want to keep the vicious lies alive in my daughter's heart as long as I can. ;)

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