Saturday, December 8, 2007

Back Stage Originals

We're on Etsy!!!

Back Stage Originals is Trish's die cut dream come to life. Becky Morris and I have come alongside her as co-designers, but who are we's her baby. And, since I've been prego, I've done little that merits any credit at all...I might have chalked an item or two, but this pregnancy thing zapped the creativity out of me up until a couple weeks ago!

Becky has been vigilant in helping complete sets, keeping inventory at A Joy Forever scrapbook stores in Milwaukie and Gresham, as we have a rack of the handmade beauties for sale at each store. (Sorry about the run-on sentence.)

The design team also includes Donna, Trish's mom...Jenny and Jessica, Trish's ultra creative daughters...and Crystal, a crafty dynamo, who never scrapbooked a day in her life, but makes cards, boxes and other paper crafts better than anyone I know. Meet everyone at

Anyway, I am so proud to be a part of this and hope you'll take a peek!

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