Monday, November 26, 2007

Skydive Pics...

My dear friend Beth Fadel set up something amazing for her husband, Tim at Skydive, Oregon in Molalla. On October 27th, he, Beth and his brother, Todd, and a couple of his friends decided to skydive. It's something that Tim has always wanted to do, and now that his life is in "fast forward" mode, Beth arranged for it to happen. I was lucky enough to be invited, and Chris, Flannery and I went out to watch and photograph the event, along with many other friends and family members.

Todd and his dad, Gene.

I expected to be teary and moved, but instead, I was joyful, giddy and really excited for them to do something like this.'s some of my favorite photos from that day. Enjoy!

Todd and Tim Fadel...prior to the jump.

L-R: Todd, Tim and Abe Burns...and two other guys I don't know. Dangit.

This is the plane they are jumping from, any moment now. Ignore the water marks on the lens. Sorry.
Janie (Tim and Todd's mom) and Angie think they see something.

Abe landing. I mistook him for Tim and shot a lot of him.
Oh well. I should just say..."This is Tim!"
Todd and Tim, still buzzing on adrenaline.

Beth's turn!

Beth's least that's the story I'm sticking to.
(I'm like 90% sure that's Beth.)

Beth and Tim wanna go up there again!

Proof that I actually attended this function (other than my photos).
Flannery snaps a pic of me, Chris and Angie Fadel (of Todd and Angie) hanging out and watching it all happen.

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